About Lisa

(She/Her) I am a life-long listener.  The youngest of four I spent countless hours listening to older siblings, their friends, my parents, their friends, and my maternal grandmother and yes, her friends.  Listening to the multi-generational conversations around me is how I came to understand the world and my place in it.  My undergraduate training is in acting which it may surprise you to know is FAR more about listening than speaking.  I have an MFA in creative writing, which you guessed it, is also about listening externally as well as patiently, deeply to the internal voice. Years of teaching taught me the greatest gift I could give to my students was truly hearing them.  

While training to be a life-coach I realized that more than anything people long to be heard, understood, and valued.  I have discovered that many of the answers we seek outside of ourselves lie within.  The world can be a messy, distracting place. The distorted “mirrors” of social media, television, film, advertising, and popular culture reflect images making us feel like we're missing out, losing out and falling behind.  We can never measure up and it must be our fault, right?  WRONG!  How can we ever hope to hear the wise voice within with all this noise? Even mindfulness practice, intended to quiet the chaos has become a billion-dollar industry that pressures us to “do it right” or fail.

I'm here to hear what you have to say.  

You are not alone!



Compassionate Listening Connection, LLC

Lisa Beth Allen